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Something special is brought to the table at Franchipani.

Since December 1998, Franchipani has been offering fine dishes in the style of world cuisine. Very traditional dishes are also on offer. There is also an extensive drinks menu and delicious wines from La Palma and Spanish growing regions. The two operators of the restaurant, Heidy van de Vorst and her partner Rüdiger Wastl, complement each other perfectly.
The chef, who comes from near Eindhoven, became familiar with exotic tastes and dishes made from foreign and local products and their preparation methods at an early age. Traveling in many kitchens around the world, she learned her creative approach in the Netherlands and refined it in the Netherlands Antilles (Bonaire) and Puerto Rico. As part of an intensive cooking course in Thailand, Heidy perfected the safe use of spiciness and unusual flavors. She came to La Palma in the spring of 1998 and opened the Franchipani that same year.

Selected wines round off the experience.

Rüdiger is Heidy’s business and life partner. He manages the service and is an outspoken wine expert. He makes the selection, knows most of the winemakers personally and always has a recommendation ready. It’s worth asking him because his advice rounds off the gastronomic experience. In addition to the island’s best wines, the small but fine menu also includes exquisite red, white and rosé wines from mainland Spain.

Consciously. Be.

A few years ago, Sem, Heidy and Rüdiger’s son, was born. This increased awareness of the use of fresh and healthy food. Since then, for example, only free-range poultry from the Canarian Islands has been offered on the menu and as far as possible on La Palma, fresh organic products from the region are used.

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